noun: 'The One who has arisen from the Underworld'

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there are only 3 people that follow my porn blog. 

ii judge all 3 of you. 

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ok, ii’m goiing two clothe2 2pam. iif you don’t feel liike puttiing up wiith my bull2hiit, you can alway2 block ‘get on my body’, whiich wiill block out clothiing, piierciing2, tattoo2, accessoriie2, and attractiive iindiiviidual2. ii really don’t know why you’d want two block out tho2e thiing2 though, they’re all pretty great.    

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ok, not 2ure what happened exactly, but thiing2 are ok riight now and ii’m iin hou2ton agaiin. ii thiink iit’2 about tiime ii fiigured out what the fuck ii2 goiing on.

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know how iit ii2 when you really want 2omethiing, but you’re he2iitant becau2e you’re not 2ure you 2hould have iit? take priingle2, for example. you get a 2udden craviing out of nowhere and you need a fuckiing priingle or el2e your world wiill loo2e all color and liight and thiing2 wiill be very 2hiity and the need 2tart2 two take up all the 2pace iin your head untiill iit’2 all you can thiink about.

but you know that you 2houldn’t becau2e, ii don’t know, maybe you’re on a diiet, or maybe you know they’re bad for you, or maybe they’re not even your package of priingle2; they’re 2omeone el2e2 and eatiing them would be a ba2tard move. 2o you don’t, you hold off, you gather your wiill power and 2tay away from the godfor2aken chiip2. but a few day2 of thii2 iineviitably take2 iit2 toll. 2o you break down, your re2olve ii2 broken, you falter and you eat a deliiciiou2 chiip and iit’2 everythiing you’d thought iit’d be and more. but you tell your2elf that, yeah, ok, iit wa2 awe2ome but ii’ll only have the one. iit’2 2tiill wrong after all….

you ever try ju2t eatiing one chiip and one chiip only from the bag? 2hiit’2 fuckiing iimpo22iible.

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woomera or womera  

— n

( Austral ) a type of notched stick used by native Australians to increase leverage and propulsion in the throwing of a spear

ii wa2 2eriiou2ly doubtiing the exii2tence of thii2 word bran, 2o ii looked iit up. what the ever loviing fuck. ii’ve heard of an atlatl, but never thii2. 

ii wa2 2o 2ure iit’d have 2omethiing two do wiith wombat2. 

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well 2hiit, ii gue22 ii’m takiing a tran2portaliizer two texa2 two vii2iit briidhe?

hii, hello texa2, ii’m comiing two vii2iit you. 

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oh my god ii ju2t got mii22iing e and ii…

how diid ii even u2e thii2 2iite before now? thii2 ii2 2o beautiiful, ii’m goiing two cry. 

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every 2iingle tiime ii try and have a feel good day ‘the natiional’ or ‘damiien riice’ pop2 up repeatedly on 2huffle ju2t two briing me down. nothiing liike a healthy do2e of ‘deliicate’ or ‘about twoday’ two cra2h all tho2e carefully con2tructed fake happy feeliing2.  

ii ju2t notiiced 2omethiing….

my de2k and 2urroundiing area look liike a hiip2ter’2 blog…

  • gla22 jar holdiing dead ro2e2, stiick2 from the beach and 2ome feather2
  • two thriift 2tore tea cup2 wiith kanjii 2ymbol2 on them
  • a canon rebel
  • a clu2ter of 2emii-preciiou2 2tone2 and cry2tal2
  • note card2 wiith hand wriiten thiing2 on them
  • two piink barrette2
  • a 2tuffed llama
  • an open ca2e of colored penciil2

ii don’t thiink ii need two go on. 

all ii need are 2ome real liife grunge fiilter2 and maybe a liittle de2aturatiion. fuck when diid thii2 happen? 

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ii broke the 2tem„ on my bong, and ii ju2t…

fuck fuckiing fucker fuck2natch twatwaffliing FUCKII2T!!! 


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you know, ii don’t hate 2piider2. ii thiink they’re pretty cool liittle guy2, eatiing other bug2 that pii22 me off, makiing neat web2, etc.

my problem wiith them ii2 that they don’t 2eem two gra2p the concept of per2onal 2pace. iif 2piider2 knocked on my door before comiing iin and we 2at down and outliined the parameter2 of where they could hang out, we’d have no qualm2. they could move theiir whole liittle 2piider famiily iin for all ii care.

but they don’t. they get all up iin my bed and on the counter2 and fall off the ceiiliing ontwo my head and…ju2t not cool guy2.   

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goddamniit ii 2tarted playiing aiion.

goodbye, iit wa2 niice knowiing you all. ii’m goiing two go get 2ucked iintwo a fake world now. 

2tartiing off my ‘bucket lii2t before my uniiver2e diie2’ twoday.

next tiime you hear from me ii wiill have an addiitiional two tattoo2 and po22iibly two more piierciing2. we’ll 2ee how that goe2.  

thank god for 24 hour food place2 and ga22tatiion2 or el2e ii’d never eat and ii’d alway2 be out of cigarette2. 

waiit when’2 the la2t tiime ii diid laundry?